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Designers and builders of prestige homes in the Hills District, North West Sydney, NSW

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Our Story

Billyard – 100 years of building – four generations from the same family

In 1911 Fred Billyard commenced his business of building, extensions and renovations in the Inner West suburbs of Sydney mostly in Concord and Strathfield.

He was joined in the 1930's by two sons Fred Jnr. and Bob. The business was known as "F S Billyard & Sons". Upon the retirement of Fred Snr the two sons Fred Jnr and Bob continued building, substantially in the Northern Districts trading as "Billyard Bros". They specialised in construction of custom built contract homes using the chosen plan and specifications of their clients and also speculated with master built house and land packages.

They became well known for their excellence in building and construction and have always been members of the Master Builders' Association of NSW.
During the 1950's, 60's and 70's as well as home building they constructed home units, developed land mostly in Eastwood, Epping, Carlingford and Beecroft.

In 1958 Fred's son Arthur joined them as an apprentice carpenter. Arthur studied Carpentry & Joinery at Meadowbank Technical College and during the course of four years, he was awarded first place each year. It was not too long before Arthur became involved in supervision and provided superb craftsmanship of beautiful homes.

When Bob decided it was time to retire to the North Coast, Fred and son Arthur, continued the good work and built on the reputation the name "Billyard" had achieved in the industry. The business then became known as Billyard Homes Pty Limited the name by which they still trade today.

Fred was soon to retire and Arthur strived in "building the Hills". Developing and constructing homes in the Northern and Hills Districts the name "Billyard Homes" became well known and highly respected as builders of prestige quality homes. They have continued to develop land and have won numerous awards for their fine masterpieces.

Arthur has been joined by two sons, Gary and Colin making four continuous generations proudly displaying the Billyard name with a passion for excellence!

Arthur has been building and supervising for more than 50 years mostly in the Hills District. Highly respected and commended by his peers, Arthur has been the driving force behind the continued success of this family business. Many valued and satisfied clients recommend Arthur and have contracted him on more than one occasion to construct and supervise yet another fine master built home as they move on within the district.

The name is sure to continue in the same tradition. Arthur currently has five grandsons and who knows how many will continue this family dynasty of fine builders and carpenters, of quality, well constructed homes.

"Billyard" homes are not mass produced and are all individually designed, tailored and constructed, either as spec built homes or to suit the clients' needs and requirements – no two "Billyard" homes are ever the same.

Billyard homes are for those discerning people who prefer to own an individual, one-off quality crafted and designed home built from the finest of materials, by selected individual tradespeople – distinguished by the highest standards in exquisite workmanship – supervised by the most experienced in the business and a name entrenched in the industry with more than a century of experience!

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